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Optimize small spaces

Trainerin: Weina Ding Li
Preiskategorie Planung 179,00€ inkl. MwSt. pro Person

What to do with the shoes in the hallway? Where do I stow the masks? What to do with the children’s toys?
The course is to help people to optimize any small spaces at home, small apartments or cellars.
Under the professional guidance of our lifestyle designer Weina you will be working on how to optimize the small spaces at home. Either specific areas such as living room, kitchen, corridor etc. or general subject of how to arrange a small apartment.

Course content

  • organize and tidy up
  • how to utilize the space to maximize it
  • key furniture and its options
  • colour and paints
  • storage

At the end of the course you will have good solutions and techniques of optimizing your unused or not well used space.
It would be helpful if you have a very specific home space to bring a plane view to the course that you can work on with our professional.

This course is taught in English. Course duration 4 hours

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