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Create stunning exterior images on Blender

Trainer: Helder Hupfer

In this course, you’ll learn how to set up Blender for 3d exteriors, installing the best add-ons, basic 3d modelling, rendering and post-processing your images.

Course content

  • Download and install Blender
  • Download and install Add-ons that will help the workflow
  • How to navigate and getting used to the interface
  • Model the terrain and roads
  • Model the main building based on plans and sketches
  • Add textures to the building
  • Use helpful architectural add-ons to add doors and windows
  • Create procedural vegetation, grass and rocks
  • Add people, car and birds to add life to the scene
  • Set up a realistic sky and lighting the scene
  • Tweak the render engine to lower the render time
  • Treat the final image

At the end of this course the student will be able to create 3d exterior scenes and render them in a photorealistic way.

10 – 13 h Part 1
13 – 14 h small Lunch
14 – 17 h Part 2

10 -13 h Part 3
13 – 14 h small Lunch
14 – 17 h Part 4

Part 1

  • Installing Blender and navigation;
  • Inserting reference images;
  • Modelling the basic shape;
  • Terrain;

Part 2

  • Openings;
  • Textures;
  • Adding background images;
  • Adding life to the scene, people, trees, birds;

Part 3

  • Camera setup;
  • Setting up the grass particle system;
  • Setting up the lighting and sun;

Part 4

  • Adding realism to the grass;
  • Rendering configuration;
  • Post-processing;
  • Final render;
  • Q&A

What is required?
A laptop with Wi-Fi and a mouse. Hardware Requirements:
64-bit dual-core 2Ghz CPU with SSE2 support / 4 GB RAM / 1280×768 display / Mouse / Graphics card with 1 GB RAM, OpenGL 3.3 / Less than 10 year old

64-bit quad-core CPU / 16 GB RAM / Full HD display / Mouse / Graphics card with 4 GB RAM

Price 690,00€ incl. Lunch, soft drinks, coffee
Max. Participants: 5-8 persons

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